Finding candidates isn't rocket science but we find our clients great candidates


Finding candidates isn't difficult but finding great ones is.

We like to meet our clients to try and get a really good understanding of the company, culture, structure, goals and the role itself. Once this is achieved we pro-actively go out to find candidates who'll fit the brief and be a genuine long term asset to your business.

With over 15 years experience in recruitment and a solid reputation based on honesty and integrity, we're lucky to have lots of great candidates sent our way by their friends and colleagues.

We have an extensive database that has been built up over many years.


We believe in behaving with honesty and integrity. We won't "sell" you a candidate or bombard your inbox with poorly matched CVs.

Candidates will have been interviewed in depth, with their skills, experience and personality appraised before they are told about a role. 

We don't put "square pegs in round holes" and will only forward a candidate to you if they match your brief, will fit the company culture and are genuinely keen to work for you.

Unlike some recruiters we don't and won't ever headhunt from our clients but we're happy to actively source candidates from their competitors or relevant target list.

We use social media actively, so we are always building our contacts and accelerate this in answer to a specific brief.